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How does the Credentialing Application work?

The Credentialing Application is the home for the submission and review of all materials related to the process of obtaining an EFCA credential. The steps in the credentialing process are as follows: 

  1. The candidate creates an account and submits a request to apply for a desired credential.
  2. The candidate's district staff representative reviews the request and chooses to approve or decline the request. 
  3. Once their request is approved, the candidate may begin fulfilling the specific requirements for their desired credential. 
  4. After completing all credential requirements, the candidate submits their application materials to their district staff representative for review. 
  5. The district staff representative reviews the candidate's application materials and requests changes if needed.
  6. After completing their own required steps in the credentialing process, the district staff representative recommends the candidate for approval by the EFCA National Office.
  7. A staff member from the EFCA National Office reviews all of the candidate's application materials and grants the candidate a credential upon satisfaction of all requirements.